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25.02.2021  GTS-RS R0261
New GTS Paper Risk Assessment

10/06/2021  GTS circular R0262
Editorial Plan for GTS-Strahl 46 / Thermal Spray Bulletin

05/07/2021  GTS circular R0263
Invitation to GTS AGM 2021


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The new joint initiative
of GTS and DVS
for thermal spraying
and deposition welding

New Poster Standards and Technical Bulletins


GTSExam – educational software for spray personnel
Interactive training for Thermal Spray Specialists and Qualified Thermal Sprayers

05/07/2021 (update 13/08/2021)

GTS Annual General Meeting 2021

Dear GTS members, we have invited all members to this year’s Annual General Meeting (AGM) on 1 October 2021 by way of the GTS Circular R0263. With the publication here, the invitation is considered received and the AGM is deemed to be convened and to constitute a quorum. The complete invitation including the agenda and the PDF registration form along with the circular is available for download in the members' area if required.
The GTS AGM 2021 will take place as a face-to-face event, if the situation around COVID-19 allows it. Online participation is also possible. For further information, please contact the GTS Head Office:


Training in thermal spraying

SLV Duisburg offers a training course in thermal spraying in the field of corrosion protection according to DIN EN ISO 14918 in cooperation with Grillo Werke AG from 28 June to 2 July 2021.


and DVS Thermal Spray Bulletin

Submission and publishing dates for GTS-Strahl 46 in issue 2/2021 of Thermal Spray Bulletin now online.


Web Seminar: Plasma Powder Cladding – Technology, Applications and Systems

Deloro Hettiger invites to a free of charge web seminar on 24 June 2021.



Thermal Spray Bulletin 1/2021
    with GTS-Strahl 45 now published




The GTS-Strahl 44 (September 2020) is now available as a complete PDF file. In the download area you will also find many previous issues back to the year 2001.


New GTS paper Risk Assessment

The new GTS paper Risk Assessment is now also available in English. It provides GTS members with a sample template for preparing risk assessments. The paper GTSPA030 is available as a PDF in the members' area. Read more about the new paper here:


Cancellation of SCHWEISSEN & SCHNEIDEN 2021

Due to the still dynamic and unforeseeable development of the Corona pandemic, the SCHWEISSEN & SCHNEIDEN trade fair in September 2021 has been cancelled. The new date is 11 to 15 September 2023.


New CD-ROM Standards and Technical Bulletins

Beuth-Verlag has updated it's CD-ROM with Standards and DVS Technical Bulletins for thermal spraying. GTS members will receive the CD-ROM issue December 2020 by the GTS Standards Service in January 2021.


News from GTS

For the results of the Executive Board and Quality Committee elections which took place at the GTS AGM 2020 and for further news from GTS, please visit our section:


New GTS member

We would like to welcome our latest GTS member:
• SMS group GmbH in 41069 Mönchengladbach, Germany



Thermal Spray Bulletin 2/2020 with GTS-Strahl 44 now published



The GTS-Strahl 43 (April 2020) is now available as a complete PDF file. In the download area you will also find many previous issues back to the year 2001.


New GTS members

We would like to welcome our latest GTS members:
• Kalwa Oberflächentechnik in 71686 Remseck am Neckar (D)
• Sentes-BIR A.S. in 35730 Izmir (TR)


René Wasserman Award 2020

GTS member
Habets bv Industrial Components & Surface Technology
from the Netherlands is awarded the René Wasserman Award after a very close decision.


SurfaceTechnology GERMANY in Stuttgart cancelled

Now the last remaining trade fair in the field of surface technology has also been cancelled due to Covid-19. The next SurfaceTechnology GERMANY will take place from 21 to 23 June 2022.


New GTS member

We would like to welcome our latest GTS member:
• Treibacher Industrie AG in 9330 Althofen, Austria


New GTS member

We would like to welcome our latest GTS member:
• asb coating AG in 9496 Balzers, Liechtenstein


GSI SLV restarts training courses

The GSI SLV will stop the lecture-free period and resume its education and training on Monday, 11 May 2020. Please inform yourself about details on our dates page and on the websites of SLV Munich and SLV Duisburg.



Thermal Spray Bulletin 1/2020 with GTS-Strahl 43


ITSC2020 cancelled

Now it has also hit the ITSC: Due to the rapidly developing coronavirus pandemic (COVID-19), DVS and ASM International had to cancel ITSC 2020 in Vienna, Austria, in a difficult decision. The next ITSC in Europe will take place in June 2022, also in Vienna.



The GTS-Strahl 42 (September 2019) is now available as a complete PDF file. In the download area you will also find many previous issues back to the year 2004.


HANNOVER MESSE 2020 cancelled

Due to the Covid 19 pandemic and the associated restrictions, HANNOVER MESSE 2020 will definitely not take place.


SurfaceTechnology in Stuttgart also postponed

Covid-19 has further consequences for surface technology and thermal spray events: SurfaceTechnology in Stuttgart is also postponed. The new date is 27 to 29 October 2020.


Further event cancellations due to Covid-19

In a further effort to curb the spread of the Coronavirus/Covid-19 infections, DVS e.V. as well as GSI SLV Munich and GSI SLV Duisburg have cancelled several events or announced a lecture-free period until April 18. Please be aware that these measures will also affect subsequent dates or events of other organizers. For further information, please contact the organizers directly.


Cancellation GTS booth at HANNOVER MESSE 2020

The measures against the spread of Corona/Covid-19 have now also reached GTS. Certainly you have received the information about the postponement of HANNOVER MESSE 2020 to July. Unfortunately, the new date clashes with other dates and events relevant to us. GTS will therefore unfortunately have to cancel its participation in Hannover with its joint booth. We would like to thank all helpers and for all confirmations of booth service and hope for a successful participation next year.


New GTS member

We would like to welcome our latest GTS member:
• Neue Materialien Bayreuth GmbH in 95448 Bayreuth, Germany



Submission and publishing dates for issue April 2020 of Thermal Spray Bulletin with GTS-Strahl 43


New Platform for Surface Technology

GTS and DVS started a joint initiative in order to promote thermal spraying and deposition welding.



Thermal Spray Bulletin 2/2019 with GTS-Strahl 42


New GTS member

We would like to welcome our latest GTS member:
• Patig GmbH in 76661 Philippsburg, Germany


New GTS member

We would like to welcome our latest GTS member:
• TLS Anilox GmbH in 33154 Salzkotten, Germany



Thermal Spray Bulletin 1/2019 with GTS-Strahl 41


GTS-Strahl / Download

Go on a journey through time with our new GTS-Strahl archive: Twice a year the GTS-Strahl, the information medium for members and interested parties, informs about the activities of our association, its members and the "scene" of thermal spraying. From now on you can download many previous issues back to the year 2004 as PDF files in the download area.


Update GTS Statutes

The GTS AGM 2018 decided on amendments to the GTS Statutes (GTS Paper GTSPA001) which became necessary for the implementation of the new EU-DSGVO and due to amended GTS papers and a legal review. The current statutes, approved by the Munich Registry Court, are now available in the free download area and in the protected members' area.


25 Years GTS

In 2017 GTS has celebrated it's 25th anniversary. The chronicle of the first 10 years (German only) and the overall 25 years has been published in GTS-Strahl. Both articles are available for Download now.