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Application form for new members to join GTS e.V.

  Membership Application English (PDF – print version)
  Membership Application English (PDF – fillable PDF form)


  Members directory, GER/EN, status 25 April 2024 (PDF)

For the latest details, please visit also our online directory.


  GTS Technical Information 1
     Helping people: Thermal spraying in medical engineering,

     GER/EN (PDF)
  GTS Technical Information 2
     Cost and time savings with thermal spraying in mechanical engineering,

     GER/EN (PDF)
  GTS Technical Information 3
     Functional coatings for printing presses by thermal spraying,

     GER/EN (PDF)
  GTS Technical Information 4
     Thermal spraying in the automotive industry,

     GER/EN (PDF)
  GTS Technical Information 5
     Thermal-spray coatings support new energies,

     GER/EN (PDF)


     GTS – a Success Story

     GER/EN (PDF)
     GTS – an important regulator for thermal spray technology

     GER/EN (PDF)
     Quality – Environment – Safety
     An excerpt from the work of the Quality Committee or “quality reloaded”

     published in GTS-Strahl 27, April 2012
     GER/EN (PDF)
     The legal register for transparent documentation and over-monitoring
     of environmental and safety legal requirements in the company

     published in the Proceedings of HVOF Colloquium 2015
     GER/EN (PDF)
     Chronik und Bildimpessionen aus 10 Jahren GTS

     published in GTS-Strahl 12, October 2002
     German only (PDF)
     The Association of Thermal Sprayers, GTS e.V., turns 25

     published in GTS-Strahl 38, September 2017
     GER/EN (PDF)
     GTS is turning 30
     Three decades dedicated to thermal spraying

     published in GTS-Strahl 48, September 2022
     GER/EN (PDF)
  Poster: Thermal Spray Processes – for all Branches of Industry,
     EN (PDF)
  Poster: Thermal Spraying: Standards and Technical Bulletins,
     GER/EN (PDF)

Seitenanfang GTS-STRAHL

GTS-Strahl is the association magazine and information medium for members and interested parties. Twice a year, the GTS-Strahl informs about the activities of the association and reports about members, events and the "thermal spray scene". Since 2008, the GTS-Strahl has been published within the Thermal Spray Bulletin in cooperation with DVS Media. Further information on this as well as editorial dates and contacts can be found in the section  GTS-Strahl.

With a click on the cover picture you can view or download the complete issue of the respective GTS-Strahl as a PDF file. Move your mouse over a picture to obtain information about the number and date of the issue.

Please note: Up to issue No. 13, GTS-Strahl has only been published in German, all issues from No. 14 onwards have been published in German and English.

GTS-Strahl 01 (12/1994) GTS-Strahl 02 (06/1995) GTS-Strahl 03 (02/1996) GTS-Strahl 04 (10/1996) GTS-Strahl 05 (07/1997) GTS-Strahl 06 (04/1998) GTS-Strahl 07 (02/1999) GTS-Strahl 08 (12/1999) GTS-Strahl 09 (10/2000) GTS-Strahl 10 (09/2001) GTS-Strahl 11 (02/2002) GTS-Strahl 12 (10/2002) GTS-Strahl 13 (11/2003) GTS-Strahl 14 (09/2004) GTS-Strahl 15 (04/2005) GTS-Strahl 16 (02/2006) GTS-Strahl 17 (11/2006) GTS-Strahl 18 (11/2007) GTS-Strahl 19 GTS-Strahl 20 GTS-Strahl 21 GTS-Strahl 22 GTS-Strahl 23 GTS-Strahl 24 GTS-Strahl 25 GTS-Strahl 26 GTS-Strahl 27 GTS-Strahl 28 GTS-Strahl 29 GTS-Strahl 30 GTS-Strahl 31 GTS-Strahl 32 GTS-Strahl 33 GTS-Strahl 34 GTS-Strahl 35 GTS-Strahl 36 GTS-Strahl 37 GTS-Strahl 38 GTS-Strahl 39 GTS-Strahl 40 GTS-Strahl 41 GTS-Strahl 42 GTS-Strahl 43 GTS-Strahl 44 GTS-Strahl 45 GTS-Strahl 46 GTS-Strahl 47 GTS-Strahl 48 GTS-Strahl 49 GTS-Strahl 50

Seitenanfang PRESS / GTS LOGO

GTS Logo for printed matter / offset printing:  

 EPS/Greyscale (ZIP)
  TIF/Greyscale (ZIP)

for web and office applications:  
  WMF/Greyscale (ZIP)

Note: the GTS logo is registered with the German Patent Office under the no. 2062298. The use of the GTS logo for commercial purposes, e.g. on business documents, websites or commercial publications, is only granted to members of the Association of Thermal Sprayers (GTS e.V.) and only during their existing membership. Any violations or abuse will be legally prosecuted. Please contact the GTS Head Office if you require different file formats.

Seitenanfang GTS PAPERS

  GTSPA001 GTS Statutes, 1 October 2021, EN (PDF)
     Fundamentals of the association
  GTSPA003 GTS Quality Management Guidelines, EN (PDF)
     Describes how GTS interprets quality assurance, current edition June 2022
  GTSPA007 GTS Implementation Regulations, EN (PDF)
     Defines the obligations of a GTS member, current edition June 2022
  GTSPA011 GTS Certification Cost List – internal, EN (PDF)
     Certification costs incurred by GTS
  GTSPA017 GTS Membership Fees, EN (PDF)
     GTS rates, share of costs and administration fee
  Appendix to GTSPA017 - Explanations, EN (PDF)
     Explanation of the annual share of costs and one-off administration fee
  GTSPA018 GTS Membership Application EN (PDF – print version)
  GTSPA018 GTS Membership Application EN (PDF – fillable PDF form)
     Application form for new members to join GTS e.V. (Association of Thermal Sprayers)
  GTSPA026 GTS Flow Chart, EN (PDF)
     Shows GTS internal workflow from admission of a member through to certification and interim
     and re-audits
  GTSPA029 GTS Compliance Guidelines, EN (PDF)
     Describes the compliance principles of GTS and provides guidance in the daily work of the

Note: the status of the contents is indicated by the file name:
GTSPA[no. of paper]_[year/month contents]_[year/month printing date]_[language].pdf

Further GTS papers are available for members in the protected members' area.

Seitenanfang REACH

In consultation with the GTS Quality Committee, the GTS working group for REACH has compiled a form for submitting substance use which is intended to help the user of a substance to submit its use to the substance manufacturer or supplier in accordance with the European Union Regulation on Chemical Substances.

The documents are based on “Guidance on information requirements and chemical safety assessment, Chapter R.12: Use descriptor system” of the European Chemicals Agency ECHA, issue dated 22.03.2010, ECHA Reference No. ECHA-2010-G-05-EN.
Source: European Chemicals Agency,

GTS provides this form without taking responsibility for the correctness of the data and assumes no liability for any of the information provided by the person filling in the form.

Please pay strict attention to the information and instructions concerning the form included in the GTS Circular No. R0136 and at the end of the form.

You will find the English version of these documents here

  GTS Circular No. R0136
     REACH – form for submitting substance use, EN (PDF)
  Form for submitting substance use
     from user to substance manufacturer or supplier in accordance with REACH, EN (PDF)

Descriptor lists from the ECHA Guidance documents with GTS recommendations:

 Sectors of use SU, EN (PDF)
 Process categories PROC, EN (PDF)
 Chemical Product Category PC, EN (PDF)
 Environmental Release Categories ERC, EN (PDF)

The following links will take you to the ECHA websites and the pathfinder for Guidance on Information Requirements and Chemical Safety Assessment as well as to the direct download for Chapter R.12: Use descriptor system: 

Guidance on Information Requirements and Chemical Safety Assessment – PATHFINDER

 Guidance on information requirements and chemical safety assessment
    Chapter R.12: Use descriptor system, EN (PDF)
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