GTSExam – educational software for spray personnel

With GTSExam, GTS offers a software solution which it developed specifically for the training and examination of Qualified Thermal Sprayers and Thermal Spray Specialists in accordance with the GTS QM Guideline. Currently, GTSExam includes more than 800 multiple choice questions from the GTS paper GTSPA014. The questionnaire covers the entire range of thermal spray topics from preparatory work prior to spraying, standards, the individual spray processes through to post-treatment, and also addresses the issues industrial safety and environmental protection. The GTS Quality Committee compiled the questionnaire which it also regularly updates and expands.

The software enables practice exercises and examination questions for sprayers or spray specialists to be printed out or, on request, puts together a complete questionnaire with marked answers or a separate solution sheet depending on the user’s wishes. The highlight of the program is, however, the interactive training mode. Directly on screen, the user answers questions which are randomly generated and accompanied by a graphic representation of the results. There are three different examination modes available: simple response right/wrong, repeated answers to a question until the right answer is selected or the simulation of an examination situation without any interim results for the individual questions. GTSExam is also used by the independent certification authority – currently SLV Munich, Branch of GSI mbh – for training and examination within the scope of certification.

The software is available to GTS members free of charge as a component of the GTS papers they receive. Non-members can obtain GTSExam from the GTS Head Office, see below.

The following Flash presentation shows the most important functions and advantages of the software:

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GTSExam prices/graduated prices
Full versions    
1 pc 500  euros / pc
5 pcs or more 440  euros / pc
10 pcs or more 300  euros / pc
1 pc 95  euros / pc
5 pcs or more 84  euros / pc
10 pcs or more 60  euros / pc

Please place orders with the GTS Head Office: