Thermal Spray Bulletin with GTS-Strahl:
The trade journal for thermal spraying

in co-operation with DVS Media GmbH

Our journal GTS-Strahl has established itself as a popular means of exchanging information for GTS members as well as for all those interested in our technology outside the association. It not only provides articles and updates on GTS activities, members and certification from the GTS Head Office and Executive Board, it also offers reports on specialized subjects such as research, practical experience, training and standards in the field of thermal spraying.

But good things can be better than good! That is why the GTS Executive Board and the editors of GTS-Strahl have decided to bring out a joint thermal spray publication with DVS similar to the journal “Welding and Cutting”. The idea is to combine the editing and publishing experience provided by DVS with the informative and specialist content GTS-Strahl has to offer. The title planned for the magazine is “Thermal Spray Bulletin – with GTS-Strahl” and will appear 4 times a year with a circulation of 5000 copies.

The aims of this cooperation are as follows:

At first, one initial edition of the Thermal Spray Bulletin has been published for the ITSC 2008. The journal is divided into two parts. One general section, predominantly edited by DVS, contains general and specialist articles on thermal spraying contributed by DVS, GTS and its members. The other section, “GTS-Strahl”, includes information from and about our Head Office and member companies as before.

For information about deadline and media data please visit the homepage of the magazine of DVS Media GmbH, address see below.


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Editorial Department
Nicole Stramka
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Editorial Department GTS-Strahl
Alex Kalawrytinos (Leitung)

Media Information

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