GTS certification – updated examination questions and educational software GTSExam

GTSPA014The GTS multiple-choice question catalogue GTSPA014 and the educational software GTSExam have long been part of the basic training kit for all active GTS members who hold or wish to obtain the GTS certificate. The question catalogue serves as a basis when preparing to take the GTS Qualified Thermal Sprayer and GTS Thermal Spraying Supervisor examinations and is used in the personnel inspections for the GTS certificate.

The GTS Quality Committee has completely revised the question catalogue. The questions have been adapted to state-of-the art technology, new standards and DVS technical bulletins, and correspond to other standard multiple-choice examinations.

The interactive educational software GTSExam with all the questions from GTSPA014 is likewise now available in its new version 2.

As of 1 October 2023, only the new question catalogue will be valid for GTS certificate inspections. Transitional regulations apply to certifications that have already been applied for or are currently in progress.

GTS members can already download GTSPA014 and GTSExam 2 from the members’ area.

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