TSS/ASM Thermal Spray Hall of Fame

The Thermal Spray Hall of Fame, established in 1993 by the Thermal Spray Society of ASM International, is a means of recognizing and honouring outstanding leaders who have made significant contributions to the science, technology, practice, education, management and advancement of Thermal Spraying.

To date, GTS members who have been inducted to the Thermal Spray Hall of Fame are:

Prof. Dr. techn. Erich Lugscheider (1999)
Prof. em. Dr. Hans-Dieter Steffens (2002)
Prof. Dr. Heinrich Kreye (2005)
Albert Kay (2008)
Prof. Dr. Klaus Landes (2010)
Peter Heinrich (2011)
Prof. Dr. Robert Vaßen (2017)
Dr. Richard Schmid (2019)

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