The GTS Ring of Honour


With the GTS Ring of Honour, the GTS Executive Board distinguishes persons of merit for their outstanding services to thermal spray technology.

Current bearers of the GTS Ring of Honour are
(see photo above from left to right):

1996 Prof. em. Dr. Hans-Dieter Steffens
2000 Prof. Dr. techn. Erich Lugscheider
2000 Dr. Bruno Walser
2002 Frithjof Zentner
2003 Prof. em. Dr. Witold Milewski
2005 Dr. Hartwig Reimann
2006 Dr. Gerd Kraume
2007 Albert Kay
2009 Dieter Grasme
2010 Prof. Dr. Klaus Landes
2011 Will Herlaar
2012 Werner Dien
2012 Peter Heinrich
2015 Christopher Wasserman