GTS Statutes made Crisis proof

Gemeinschaft Thermisches Spritzen e.V., Unterschleißheim, Germany

GTSPA027 The lockdown in spring 2020 and the subsequent restrictions have led to unexpected problems for many institutions and associations. Section 32 (2) of the German Civil Code (BGB) requires that the organization of online general meetings must be regulated in the association's statutes. At the time, this was not the case for GTS and it was only possible to hold the 2020 annual general meeting online due to temporary Covid-19 legislation being passed.

he GTS AGM 2021 therefore decided to amend the statutes accordingly. These amendments have now been approved by the Munich District Court and entered in the Register of Associations. GTS is thus well equipped for future crisis situations. The new statutes are now available as a PDF in the open download area and in the members' area.

In addition, amendments to two other important GTS documents were adopted by the GTS AGM 2021: In the "GTS Quality Management Guidelines" (GTSPA003), adjustments were necessary to improve legal compliance and minimize the liability risk for GTS and the certified inspection bodies, and the paper "Requirements for GTS Certification" (GTSPA024) - the former "Checklist for GTS Certification" - was completely revised and adapted to ISO 14922.

These and a number of other updated papers, in which mainly internal and external references were corrected and cited standards were updated, are also now available in the members' area.

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