Updates for GTS papers

Gemeinschaft Thermisches Spritzen e.V., Unterschleißheim, Germany

GTSPA024The GTS Quality Committee has again revised important GTS papers and adapted them to the current legal situation. This time, the focus was on the "GTS Quality Management Guideline" (GTSPA003) and the "Requirements for GTS Certification" (GTSPA024), which together form the basis for GTS certification.

While in GTSPA003 mainly the elements necessary for GTS certification have been specified, GTSPA024 – the former "Checklist for GTS Certification" – has received a complete revision and the new name "Requirements for GTS Certification". The completely restructured paper includes an audit checklist according to ISO 14922:2020 and, in addition, GTS's own requirements on various legally prescribed areas and technical discussions required for GTS certification.

The updated GTS papers were approved by the GTS AGM 2021 in Kamp-Lintfort and are now available in the members' area, the GTS quality management guideline (GTSPA003) also in the freely accessible download area.

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