New GTS Paper “Risk Assessment”

Gemeinschaft Thermisches Spritzen e.V., Unterschleißheim, Germany

GTSPA030Legislation obliges all employers to safeguard the health and safety of their employees. In most cases, this requires extensive and effective occupational management. The basis for this is a so-called “risk assessment”. In this document, the employer records and assesses the possible risks and hazards which can arise in the workplace. The criteria which need to be taken into consideration are manifold. In addition to the obvious sources of hazards such as dangerous materials or machines, psychological stress, lack of work instructions or faulty work processes can also be the cause of accidents.

Compiling a risk assessment is therefore mandatory for the employer and is anchored in the Occupational Health and Safety Act. What is often not known is that the risk assessment actually needs to be carried out before work begins. Compiling a risk assessment from scratch is both complex and time-consuming. All work areas and activities must be taken into account. Moreover, possible hazards must be identified and assessed. Measures to avoid hazards need to be defi ned and implemented, and finally their effectiveness must be checked.

In an effort to help GTS members with this task, the GTS Quality Committee and Frank W. Mütz from e-quipment GmbH have created a sample template for risk assessment. The new GTS paper with the number GTSPA030 is a very extensive guideline which cannot only be used to compile a suitable risk assessment for your business and its activities, but also to help you review your existing documents.

The extensive document is available to all GTS members and can also be requested as a Word document exclusively from the GTS Head Office. An English and a Dutch version will also be available shortly.

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