René Wasserman Award 2020

Werner Krömmer, Gemeinschaft Thermisches Spritzen e.V., Unterschleißheim, Germany

It was actually all set to happen again at the ITSC 2020 in Vienna: the René Wasserman Award was to be presented as is the case every three years. This year, four companies had been nominated and the candidates had the opportunity to present their work, their achievements and their visions for the future. During our trip to their respective premises, Christopher Wasserman, Professor Kirsten Bobzin and I were very much inspired by the four companies, all of which were convincing in their own way. Little did we know that this would be the last personal contact we would have for a very long time. CORONA was looming large and this also meant there would be no awards ceremony at the ITSC to honour the four candidates.

All four companies – Coating Center Castrop in Castrop-Rauxel (Germany), Habets Industrial Components & Surface Technology in Nuth (Netherlands), Impact-Innovation GmbH in Haun/Rattenkirchen  (Germany) and IWB Werkstofftechnologie GmbH in Chemnitz  (Germany) – demonstrated a high level of innovation and personal commitment, and they had invested a great deal to keep pace with new technologies and to stay ahead of the game. All of them had one thing in common, too: they had lots of ideas for the future up their sleeves and there was no doubt in our minds that they would implement these as well. All have outstanding employees, the mainstay that ensures the smooth functioning of a company. The four, however, differ in their history and field of work.

The decisive edge was merely a “mµ” and stems from the fact that the winner has managed to remain innovative for such a long time, to become a market leader in its field and to remain a market leader thanks to the course it set at the right time. What’s more, it has successfully incorporated and implemented these values during its long history and passed them on to the generations to come. GTS extends its sincerest congratulations to the winner 2020: Habets bv Industrial Components & Surface Technology

Habets will invest the prize money of 10,000 Swiss francs in the training and further education of its employees. 

Guy Kreemers and Arno Wendrich (from left) accept the René Wasserman Award 2020 for Habets bv, presented by GTS Executive Board members Werner Krömmer, Professor Kirsten Bobzin and Christopher H. Wasserman.

The complete article can be found in GTS-Strahl 44 / Thermal Spray Bulletin 13 (2020) No. 2

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