GTS Ring of Honour awarded to Peter Heinrich

In actual fact, he didn’t want to be given this award. That’s the message he imparted to the GTS Head Office and Executive Board. After all, he had personally presented the GTS Ring of Honour to persons of outstanding merit several times before. But his fellow Executive Board members, colleagues and GTS members were in full agreement: who else deserved this award for special services to GTS and thermal spraying more.

Claudia Hofmann (right) presented Peter Heinrich with the GTS Ring of Honour on behalf of all the GTS members during the association’s 20th anniversary celebrations in October 2012.

His career in thermal spraying began at Linde AG in 1979 where he was put in charge of R&D for thermal spraying in the division industrial gases. Over the next few years, he set up a highly regarded spray laboratory for testing the different spray processes. Contact was made with coating businesses and research institutes and along with his fellow campaigners he developed the idea of bringing the experts together and enhancing the quality and recognition of thermal spraying by way of a certifi cate.

And so in 1992, GTS was born. Peter Heinrich had managed to unite the most diverse group of companies, some of whom were direct competitors, and to shape GTS into the infl uential and successful association it is today and which celebrated its 20th anniversary last year.

His tremendous commitment to this technology is illustrated in the many positions of responsibility he has fi lled over the past years. Just to mention a few: he founded the AteSP (working group for thermal spraying, the Munich section of DVS, headed the joint committee AA 14 / AG V 7 and was deputy chairman of DVS Research Committee 2. He was the German representative of the Technical Committee for European Standards TC 240. As the organizer, co-organizer or chairman, he was responsible for the spray conferences TS90 in Essen, TS93 in Aachen, TS96 in Essen and the UTSC’99 in Duesseldorf, various ITSC conferences and the HVOF Colloquia. Since 2005, he was a member of the Board of ASM TSS (Thermal Spray Society).

Peter Heinrich was conferred numerous awards during his professional life: he received the DIN Prize, was awarded the DVS Ring of Honour, is a member of the TSS/ASM Thermal Spray Hall of Fame and is also a “Fellow of ASM International”. Recently he was awarded the Honorary Leibniz by the Leibniz University in Hanover for his support of thermal spray research.

20 years as Executive Manager and member of the GTS Executive Board round it all off. And although he will be offi cially retiring on 1 April 2013, we won’t lose Peter Heinrich completely as he will still be continuing for a while as deputy manager.

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