20 years of GTS –good reason to look back and celebrate

20 years of GTS –nothing could have stopped GTS members from commemorating this grand occasion. More than 200 participants accepted the invitation from the GTS Head Office and celebrated the jubilee with a gala program in Starnberg as part of the GTS Annual General Meeting. The well-known pianist Elizabeth Sombart commenced the festivities with a piano concert in the conference hotel of the AGM. This was followed by a riverboat shuffle on Lake Starnberg where the guests indulged in “meat and drink” and lively music while enjoying the evening lights on the lakefront.

We will give you a full-length report with plenty of photos of the AGM and celebrations in the next issue.

After 20 years of GTS, it is worth taking a look at what has been achieved so far. With nearly 190 members, GTS has become an influential association. Its members include coating companies and manufacturers for thermal spray supplies from all around the world, ranging from smaller businesses to large corporations. Reputable research institutes and universities are also represented in the membership line-up as well as partner associations from Germany, Great Britain, China, the Netherlands and the USA. This offers GTS an extensive network to fall back on and thus facilitates international activities which promote the technology and assure the quality of thermal spraying.

In addition, GTS members benefit from many services and activities provided by the association. Regular newsletters, the patent service and standards service keep member companies up to date. Newcomer@GTS helps new members and the younger generation to engage in a mutual exchange of ideas. The GTS Quality Committee compiles guidelines and can influence technical standards and legislation. And last but not least, the GTS Certificate has established itself as a must for many customers when placing their orders.

When are you planning to join GTS and celebrate its next anniversary?


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