GTS Innovation Award 2010 with two winners

This year, it was particularly difficult for the jury to select just one outstanding thesis from those submitted for the GTS Innovation Award 2010. All the submissions were very interesting and of an extremely high quality. In the end, two theses gained the highest score and so the selection committee decided to confer the GTS Innovation Award twice.

The winners are Florian Tobias Lang from the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering from the University of Applied Sciences in Munich for his thesis on:

“Influence of atomizing gases on the environment and arc spray coatings”

and Jochen Tewes, Surface Engineering Institute (IOT) of the RWTH Aachen University, for his thesis on:

Process optimization for cold spraying to produce high-strength coatings made from the nickel-based alloy IN718”

The awards ceremony took place in Weimar on 15 October during the gala evening of this year’s GTS AGM.



  Jury representative, Werner Krömmer (right), presents the certificates for the GTS Innovation Award 2010 to the award winners Florian Tobias Lang (left) and Jochen Tewes (centre).

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