GTS-Strahl 48
in DVS Thermal Spray Bulletin 2/2022 (April)

In the new issue of GTS-Strahl we again report on news and activities from within the association and, of course, again offer interesting technical articles and reports on GTS members and thermal spraying.



Bulletin Board
• „What’s really important” … or … “Is that really necessary?”
  Alexander Kalawrytinos

GTS Head Office Report
• Facts and Figures from the GTS Head Office

 GTS Articles
• The GTS Interview with Dr. Frank Prenger: I always wanted to be an engineer!
• GTS, the Association of Thermal Sprayers, is turning 30: Three decades dedicated to thermal spraying
• GTS trade fair appearances 2022 and an exciting outlook for 2023
  The GTS booth: new beginnings after the COVID break

News from our members
• Neue Materialien Bayreuth:
  Neue Materialien Bayreuth GmbH celebrates Jubilee
• Deloro Wear Solutions GmbH:
  Deloro in Koblenz celebrates its 50th anniversary
• Rybak + Hofmann rhv-Technik GmbH + Co. KG:
  Rybak + Hofmann among the Top 100 Innovators
• Industrial seminar “PVD and CVD thin fi lm technology” at IOT
• 10RIPT 2022 from June 1st to 3rd in Jülich

Regular Features / GTS Services
• GTS Scene
  On Heiko Gruner’s 80th birthday
  On Will Herlaar’s 80th birthday
• GTS Circulars 2022
• Dates and Events

You will find further topics and interesting technical articles from science and industry in the “Thermal Spray Bulletin” section of the journal. Just go to the journal’s homepage at


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