Special GTS booth at the fair Schweissen & Schneiden 2009 (Welding & Cutting)
Superb trade-show appearance by GTS

Peter Heinrich, Unterschleissheim / Christian Penszior, Unterhaching

“Powerful concentration of thermal spray expertise” – in this spirit, 13 GTS members put in a joint appearance at this year’s Schweissen & Schneiden for the first time ever. The 120-square-metre booth with its extremely welcoming atmosphere won praise and recognition from all sides and drew many interested visitors into the realms of thermal spray technology. “It’s like music to my ears” said Peter Heinrich, GTS executive manager, when he heard a dyed-in-the-wool welder remarking on GTS and its presence at the trade fair: “The solidarity with which GTS has presented itself here, despite the tough competitive environment, speaks for the seriousness and integrity of this technology”.

The idea of having a special joint booth came from Dieter Grasme, member of the GTS Executive Board. It was literally his heartfelt desire to have a group of members from the “GTS family” each with their own booth, but nevertheless as a united community jointly represent thermal spray technology in all its different facets. And this wish came true at the fair Schweissen & Schneiden 2009 where visitors to the special GTS booth were advised and informed about the technology by experts from the equipment and material manufacturing sector as well as by practitioners from highly specialized coating businesses.

Photo: Hans Hartwig/MESSE ESSEN

It took just one meeting, organized and run by Werner Krömmer and comprising all the 13 GTS members and an experienced booth construction company, to get the impressive concept and booth design off the ground. Of course, this would not have been possible without the tremendous effort and selfless commitment displayed by all those involved. One of the many dedicated team players we would like to mention here is Karin Gehrig from Sulzer Metco who was responsible for the marketing aspects of this campaign.

Despite the varying interests of the individual exhibitors from the thermal spray sector, visitors were imparted a positive impression and invited to enter the fascinating and far-reaching world of this surface technology.

We, as the association GTS, can thus draw a very positive balance from this year’s Schweissen & Schneiden. We managed to fully achieve our two main objectives: to publicize and promote thermal spray technology by means of a joint concept, unprecedented for GTS, and to acquire new fields of activity and new customers for our members.

Our efforts have definitely paid off. Our visitors’ tremendous praise for GTS and its trade-show appearance have given us the optimism we need for the future, and inspired us to keep going in this direction and to further advance thermal spray technology.

The following GTS members have been re­presented at the special GTS booth during the fair Schweissen & Schneiden 2009:

• Abler GmbH & Co.KG, Waltenhofen-Hegge (D)
• Aludra B.V., Kl Vlaardingen (NL)
• CGT Cold Gas Technology GmbH, Ampfing (D)
• DEKONTA Gebäude- und Industriedienste GmbH, Steinen (D)
• GfE Fremat GmbH, Freiberg (D)
• GTV Verschleiss-Schutz GmbH, Luckenbach (D)
• Medicoat AG, Mägenwil (CH)
• OBZ Dresel & Grasme GmbH, Bad Krozingen (D)
• Rybak + Höschele RHV-Technik GmbH + Co KG, Waiblingen (D)
• Saint-Gobain Ceramic Materials GmbH, Weilerswist (D)
• stellba Schweisstechnik AG, Dottikon (CH)
• Sulzer Metco AG (Switzerland), Wohlen (CH)
• TeroLab Surface GmbH, Langenfeld (D)


  Opinions from the special GTS joint booth 2009

”Good booth, generous catering and hospitality, interesting conversation with new customers and competitors.”
Andreas Weißbach, Sulzer Metco.


“Good idea, excellent organization, very conducive to mutual cooperation between the different companies.”
Jürgen Owinski, TLS. 


“Pleasant atmosphere, good booth location, attractive and friendly hostesses, GTS service is spot-on”
Casten Wolter, RHV


“The fair was very informative, and the GTS exhibition booth was just right for presenting our company.”
Samuel Isch and Daniel Wenli, Stellba


“Compared to other fairs and exhibitions, very relaxing especially for the exhibitors. Excellent booth organization.”
Dr. Klaus Nassenstein, GTV


A great fair with lots of new contacts and a perfectly organized exhibition booth. This week was absolutely worth it.”
Sven Hartmann, OBZ


“S & S - an international, well-frequented fair. A good turnout of visitors at the joint GTS booth and definitely some promising sales leads.”
Helmut Höll, CGT


“The fair gave us the opportunity to present thermal spraying to a large international audience.”
Dr. Steffen Marx, GfE Fremat GmbH


“Enjoyed it. Thank you GTS.”
Ton Kraak, Aludra


“Positive reactions at the GTS booth as well as interesting new leads and opportunity to take care of existing customers. Expectations were met to the full.”
Carsten van Briel, Dekonta


“Great joint booth, and jointly we can make a bigger difference than separately.”
Günter Schürholt, Saint Gobain







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