Dieter Grasme is awarded the GTS Ring of Honour

Peter Heinrich, Unterschleissheim / Christian Penszior, Unterhaching


Herzogenaurach, July 2009. The surprise was literally written all over Dieter Grasme’s face when he was presented the GTS Ring of Honour during the Annual General Meeting – the special GTS award for thermal spray celebrities. The executive manager Peter Heinrich and his fellow members on the GTS Executive Board managed to keep their decision secret right up until they conferred the award at the beginning of the Gala Evening. After all, nobody wanted Dieter Grasme, chairman of the GTS QM Committee and member of the Executive Board, to get wind of the award beforehand. His wife Linda was also in the picture since she had to find out her husband’s ring size. And this she did without arousing Dieter’s suspicions.

With his tremendous commitment and dedication, Dieter Grasme has rendered outstanding services to thermal spraying and to GTS, and has made a decisive contribution to the further development of this technology in Germany and also beyond its borders.

This all began at the ITSC in Montreal in 1986 when a small group of so-called "new blood sprayers", to whom Dieter Grasme belonged, joined forces around Prof. Lugscheider and started developing new ideas and approaches. They launched a new era of "National Spray Conferences" which began with the TS 90 in Essen in 1990 and has been successfully continued to the present day in the form of the ITSCs. From the very outset, Dieter Grasme has contributed his competence and ideas. Furthermore, he has always championed the cause of the practitioners in our ranks and their language of communication without neglecting the more scientific aspects of the technology. The organization of the well-received and highly frequented industrial forums at the European ITSCs is just one example which particularly stands out here.

Dieter Grasme was one of the first to recognize the potential which GTS has to offer thermal spray technology, and also the economic benefits GTS can provide its members. Without hesitating, he introduced GTS certification into his company, OBZ GmbH, where the implementation of statutory guidelines and regulations has been exemplary. Dieter Grasme has utilized his key and influential position as the chairman of the GTS Quality Committee to generously impart his experience to other GTS members. He recognized trends well in time and, also as a member of the GTS Executive Board, helped GTS to chart its successful path.

After studying to become a chemical engineer and doing his military training, Dieter Grasme began his career by investigating spray coatings in the research institute at ALUSUISSE in 1975. He then joined Aluminium Rheinfelden GmbH in 1976 and was responsible for setting up and managing a coating business before changing to UTP Schweisstechnik GmbH in Bad Krozingen in 1992 where he took over the management of the application technology centre for thermal spray coatings. With the two brothers Jörg and Ingo Dresel, he then founded OBZ Dresel & Grasme GmbH in Bad Krozingen in 1997, a company which is now a world leader in the field of thermal spraying. In his newfound position as entrepreneur, he was also prepared to break new ground and take a certain financial risk in order to launch new technologies and advance the thermal spray cause.

Dieter Grasme, who is now 61 years old, decided to retire in 2008. We are sure (and we very much hope) he will not leave us completely, but will continue to pass on his experience to the thermal spray scene where, with his calm manner and professional credibility, he is held in very high esteem.






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