Breaking new ground
GTS at international trade fairs in 2009

Attending international fairs and conferences is a key instrument for GTS to achieve the association’s fundamental objectives: advancing and broadening the base of thermal spray technology and opening up new fields of application. An equally important goal is to demonstrate the high quality standard of the coating businesses which, as GTS members, have committed themselves to obtaining the GTS Certificate, the first thermal spray certificate worldwide for processes, personnel and products. For many years now, GTS has been represented at the most important trade fairs and has had its own booth at these events. Besides the representatives from the GTS Head Office, specialists from member companies also regularly stand by to advise visitors, connect with users and pick up new leads. In 2009, GTS will once again be present at three major events.

Hanover Fair 2009
As one of the most significant international technology fairs, the Hanover Fair plays a particularly crucial role for GTS. As opposed to trade fairs which focus on welding and thermal spraying, experts from every possible sector of industry meet in Hanover. This gives GTS the opportunity to target developers and design engineers from other fields more selectively and to introduce them to the diversity of thermal spray technology.

ITSC 2009
It is now a well-established tradition that thermal spray experts meet annually at the ITSC – the “International Thermal Spray Conference & Exposition”, alternating between Europe, the USA and Asia as the host continent. And of course, GTS is no exception. The association will again be jointly represented with DVS – the German Welding Society.

Schweissen & Schneiden 2009 (Welding & Cutting Fair)
GTS plans to break new ground at the fair Schweissen & Schneiden 2009: At its joint booth, now truly tried and tested and supported by all its members, the association will once again be displaying a variety of exhibits and information material covering the entire bandwidth of thermal spraying. In addition however, there will be a special 120-square-metre booth organized by GTS at which GTS members can rent there own space. 13 GTS member companies will be jointly presenting themselves there this year. The spectrum covers coating job shops through to suppliers of spray systems and spray materials. Visitors to the booth can therefore expect to receive comprehensive and professional advice, including answers to questions ranging from spray material issues through to the finished coating.

13 GTS members will be jointly presenting themselves at the GTS special booth at the Welding & Cutting Fair 2009.


The following GTS members will be re­presented at the special GTS booth du­r­ing the fair Schweissen & Schneiden 2009:

• Abler GmbH & Co.KG, Waltenhofen-Hegge (D)
• Aludra B.V., Kl Vlaardingen (NL)
• CGT Cold Gas Technology GmbH, Ampfing (D)
• DEKONTA Gebäude- und Industriedienste GmbH, Steinen (D)
• GfE Fremat GmbH, Freiberg (D)
• GTV Verschleiss-Schutz GmbH, Luckenbach (D)
• Medicoat AG, Mägenwil (CH)
• OBZ Dresel & Grasme GmbH, Bad Krozingen (D)
• Rybak + Höschele RHV-Technik GmbH + Co KG, Waiblingen (D)
• Saint-Gobain Ceramic Materials GmbH, Weilerswist (D)
• stellba Schweisstechnik AG, Dottikon (CH)
• Sulzer Metco AG (Switzerland), Wohlen (CH)
• TeroLab Surface GmbH, Langenfeld (D)






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